Black Iowa community servant: 'When I think of all the things Blacks have endured in America, I am inspired'

Black Iowans discuss the importance of teaching Black History, voting rights and more during Black History Month.

Celebrating Black History Month: Black Iowa News invited Black Iowans to share their feelings about the importance of teaching Black history, voting rights and more — in their own words. Here's the next installment from Lori Young, who is self-employed and on assignment as communications and operations director for Just Voices Iowa, a nonprofit organization fighting racially-biased policing. The self-described "devoted community servant" has spent 15 years as an activist, advocate and community organizer, fighting for racial, environmental and economic justice.

Check back tomorrow for the next installment. Have a point of view to share for Black History Month? Learn more below.

Black History is America's History

Lori Young, communications and operations director for Just Voices Iowa, Des Moines

Lori Young. Photo courtesy of Young.

Black history is America's history. And June 19th is America's real Independence Day.

When I think of all the things Blacks have endured in America, I am inspired.

For those who are descendants of Africans, born into slavery in these United States, one word comes to mind: resilience. My mind and heart are flooded with the remembrance of our history and our legacy of greatness and strength.

Our unimaginable durability. Strong survivors of violence and captivity. And yet we are able to possess grace, dignity, and love, in spite of. And so, we march on, fight on, speak truth and seek justice in our city, in Iowa, and across this land.

"The most common way people give up power is by thinking they don't have any." — Alice Walker.

But we do have power and as for me, I'm not tired yet. I walk with God who has kept us thus far.

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