Iowa Cancer Consortium releases 5-year plan, focused on improving health equity, prevention

A statewide comprehensive cancer coalition released its five-year plan to reduce cancer, the second leading cause of death in the state.

The Iowa Cancer Consortium released a five-year plan to address cancer, the state and nation’s second leading cause of death and a major global health problem.

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According to the consortium, there are projected to be 22,000 Iowans diagnosed with cancer and 6,300 cancer deaths this year in Iowa, based on data from the Iowa Cancer Registry. The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to delays in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer because of health care closures, disruptions in employment and health insurance and fear of COVID-19 exposure, the consortium wrote in its press release. According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 9.5 million individuals missed cancer screenings across the U.S. because of the pandemic, the consortium found.

““As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, it is important to recognize that cancer does not wait. Cancer continues to be a complex and costly disease and we must do everything we can to reduce the burden it puts on Iowans and their families,” said Iowa Cancer Consortium, President, Dr. Mary Charlton. “Reducing the burden of cancer in Iowa will take the collective work of all Iowans, researchers, health care providers, elected officials, public health professionals, and communities to make big change. The Iowa Cancer Plan outlines how we can all work together to do just that.”

The consortium works to identify and eliminate health disparities, prevent cancer from occurring, early detection and screening, reduce barriers to care, promote evidence-based practices and encourage participation in clinical trials and ensure resources to optimize quality of life for cancer survivors and their families, according to the consortium’s website.

The new cancer plan is centered around five priorities, including:

  • Health equity
  • Prevention and risk reduction
  • Early detection and screening
  • Diagnosis and cancer-directed therapy
  • Survivorship and end-of-life care

The Iowa Cancer Consortium is a partnership of nearly 600 health care providers, public health professionals, caregivers, researchers, cancer survivors, volunteers and others who work together to reduce the burden of cancer in the state, according to its website. View the Iowa Cancer Plan.

Learn more about the work of the Iowa Cancer Consortium:

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