Black Iowa professor, musician: 'If it were left up to my schools, I would have never learned the truth of my history'

Black Iowans discuss the importance of teaching Black History, voting rights and more during Black History Month.

Celebrating Black History Month: Black Iowa News invited Black Iowans to share their feelings about the importance of teaching Black history, voting rights and more — in their own words. Here's the next installment from John-Paul Jones, the descendant of a Civil War veteran who was formerly enslaved, is the "first and only" Black professor at Indian Hills Community College, where he is a professor of electrical and renewable energy technology. Jones is also the bandleader of the John-Paul Jones Group, a heavy blues band, among other accomplishments. Check back Monday for the next installment. Want to share your views? Learn how below.

The Importance of Teaching Black History

John-Paul “Jp” Jones, John-Paul Jones Group, heavy blues band, Ottumwa

John-Paul Jones, leader of the award-winning band, the John-Paul Jones Group. Photo courtesy of Jones.

I grew up in the Southeastern part of the state in the Chariton Valley/Lake Rathbun area.

If it were left up to my schools, I would have never learned the truth of my history.

Now what was not missing was the fact that much of what I could learn was contained in my public library and school library. Even if it was not in the curriculum, I could still get access. The curriculum was minimalistic when teaching Black history.

I believe and know that Black history is actually just American history.

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